[Tutorial] – How To Use Notepad++ in Other Languages ?

This article provides information about converting Notepad++ to be used in other local languages like Chinese / Italian/French etc..

Notepad++ is an advanced editor which allows users to write source code and programs.It supports the multi-language functionality which allows users to edit and design the programs in their native language.Generally these softwares come up with different executables and installation versions so that users can download the required installer. Say, for example you want to work in Italian/German/Chinese/Russian/French/etc..then you need to download the appropriate executable file.

The advantage of using the Notepad++ editor is , it doesn’t ask user to download separate installers for each and every language. It works on XML concept where the required xml translated file has to be downloaded and after copying can be used directly.

Translation Example

The translation of  copy in French is copiez, so the XML Tag Translation from English to French should be:


<Item id="42005" name="&amp;copy"/>


<Item id="42005" name="C&amp;copiez"/>

There are several Notepad++ Language XMLs available and can be downloaded from the below resource page.

Translate Notepad++ To Local Language

Steps To Convert Notepad++ in Other Languages

1. Download the language you need, rename it to nativeLang.xml.

2. Get Run Dialog by clicking start->run then type %APPDATA%\Notepad++ into the text field of Run Dialog.

3. Copy nativeLang.xml into the opened Directory

4. (Re)Launch Notepad++

Note: To get back the original English version, just remove the nativeLang.xml

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