[Tutorial] – How To Convert WAV To MP3 Online Using Free Web Tool

This article provides information about an online WAV to MP3 Convertor.

There are some players which doesn’t support all types of audio formats. Also, with the increasing number of smart phones and mobiles, users have special interest to load several songs and listen to them in their leisure. Now, in case if you have only WAV files, few smart phones don’t detect WAV files which makes those audio files worthless.

So the best possible solution is to convert the WAV to MP3 format and enjoy them on your mobiles.

There are several WAV to MP3 convertors available online and few of them are paid versions. Now, in case if your requirement is just to convert any audio or music file from WAV to MP3 there is no need to install any external software on our system. There are some free tools available online using which you can easily convert WAV to MP3. Recently we have come across a good tool from XTAU, which is mainly a flash based MP3 converter . The main advantage of this tool is that it doesn’t require any upload of external audio files to the web server.

The below is the step by step process of using XTAU tool to convert from WAV to MP3.

 How To Convert WAV To MP3 Online ?

Step 1 : Navigate to this web-tool

Step 2 : Click “Open WAV” and select the WAV file present on your system

Step 3 : Set the appropriate Sample rate and Bit rate

Free Online Convert WAV To MP3

Step 4 : Click on “Convert To MP3” .

Step 5 : Finally click on “Save MP3 File” to save it on your system.

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