[Tutorial] – How To Edit Photos & Images Online Using Free Web Tool

This article provides information about an online photo editor which allows users to edit,make some adjustments and adding effects etc.

Generally in order to edit photos or images we use softwares like Photoshop,GIMP etc.Photoshop is a commercial software where as GIMP is a freeware,so obviously many people prefer to download install GIMP for editing photos [Please note that this article is not to draw any differences between Photoshop & GIMP softwares]. If we are working on some remote computer and we had to edit some photos there are lots of problems involved.

One cannot use MS Paint as a perfect replacement for these softwares because this is just a simple software.As we don’t have appropriate permissions we cannot install Photoshop and GIMP also on our system. So in order to address this issue, we have searched and come across this excellent tool known as SUMOPAINT.

SUMOPAINT is a free online web-tool that eliminates the need to install external softwares on our personal computer. There is a free version and also a pro version which allows user to buy the pro version which contains extensive filters.

Free Online Image Editing Tool_1

The User Interface is very simple and is designed keeping Photoshop and GIMP as the main reference tools. The UI is very well organized and looks like an exact replica of tools like Photoshop and GIMP. The Topmost panel has the Menu controls and the immediate next panel has information about the selected tool. Several tools like “Rectangular Select Tool”,”Move Tool”,”Magic Wand Tool”,”Lasso Tool”,”Ink Tool”,”Brush Tool”, “Eraser”, “Pencil”,”Gradient Fill”,”Paint Bucket”,”Clone Stamp Tool”,”Text Tool” and lot more, almost look like providing an online web version of photoshop.

Here is the brief step by step tutorial which explains about editing photos & images online completely for free.

How To Edit Photos & Images Online Using SUMOPAINT ?

Step 1 : Navigate to this free online web-tool

Step 2 : Click “New Blank Canvas” and if not then select “New Back Canvas” or ” Open file present within the computer.

Step 3 : Edit your photos and image online.

Step 4 : Save/Download the completed file.

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