[Tutorial] – How To Clear Traces on Your System To Protect Your Privacy ?

This article explains you about the process to clear traces on your system after your usage to protect your personal privacy.

Generally whenever we use any PC/System , our actions and activities get stored in the form of cookies, recent files, recent urls etc. Most of the activities like Internet browsing, watching any video, downloading files/movies/softwares , copy files or folders , install and unistall softwares etc.. can be easily tracked. These sensitive traces gets stored in temp files with all the junk and cluttered data , occupying the system space and resources thereby creating disk space issues. There are many softwares available and here we take a chance to introduce a free software named Privazer.


Free Privacy Traces Cleaner_1

Privazer is a powerful system privacy cleaner tool which can find many traces which are left previously and clear them all in order to ensure your personal privacy. When we install and run Privazer, it creates a detailed report about the files to be deleted ranging from cookies, browser history, instant messaging history, drive space, registry and RAM entries. It cleans residual traces in file tables in MFT, FAT and also INDEX attributes stored in MFT.

Privazer scans your system along with any external storages(if present) and displays them in easily understandable format. The cleanups and over-writings are irreversible which means that the files cleared cannot be retraced by any external recovery softwares like GetDataback, Testdisk, O&O DiskRecovery, Recuva, Glary Undelete, Easeus Data Recovery, Pandora Recovery, Paragon Backup & Recovery, Ontrack EasyRecovery, Recover My Files, Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery.


With just a small click, Privazer can clear the traces from the following areas.

. Internet browsers 
. Index.dat 
. Cookies
. Cookies Tor
. Cookies Flash
. Cookies Silverlight
. DOM Storage
. IndexedDB
. AppCache
. Registry 
. RAM 
. Pagefile.sys and Hiberfil.sys files
. Use of software
. Messengers 
. Histories of visited websites, viewed videos, use of software, opened docs, etc 
. Jumplists 
. Recycle bin
. Temp files
. Log files 
. Invalid Prefetch entries 
. Indexing service 
. ThumbCaches, Thumbs.db
. Residual traces of deleted files
. Free space 
. File table (MFT or FAT)
. INDEX attributes in MFT 
. USN Journal, etc

How To Clear Traces From PC Using Privazer?

Step 1 : Download the software from this link & Install it.

Step 2 : Launch the software

Step 3 : Select Device and the required option from Scan-In Depth List Box.

Step 4 : Click OK

Free Privacy Traces Cleaner_2

Step 5 : Select  the required options and click on Scan.

Free Privacy Traces Cleaner_2


Step 6 : Once the scan is completed click on “Clean”


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