Sticky Password – All In One Password Manager

Sticky Password is an excellent password manager that eliminates the need to remember all your complex passwords. It has got plenty of useful features which makes it easier to work with online registration forms and password logins.  It does syncronize your data among number of PCs and devices (mobiles/smart phones etc.)

While installing,you need to setup the master password to Sticky Password and is the only password which you need to remember & rest of all your accounts passwords will be remembered by the Sticky Password.


Features of Sticky Password

Instant Form Filler

Whenever you have to register on any website you need to fill out forms with several details. Now, instead of manually filling out the fields one by one, if you install Sticky Password it does it automatically for you. You can easily recall it from any device.

Automatic Login

This is our favorite feature. With 100’s of mail-ids (gmail/yahoo/etc) and login details on several membership/social bookmarking/ecommerce sites it is extremely difficult for us to remember and login to all of them.Sticky Password does this activity without any issues.

Easy To Export Your Details

You can easily export and the backup of all your passwords from Sticky Password. You can encrypt that exported file or you can get all those details in to the notepad.

Supports Major Browsers

Sticky Password supports all the major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, MetroUI etc.


Compatibility From External Password Managers

In case if you are using any previous password managers, Sticky Password allows you to import those contacts. It supports RoboForm, KeePass, LastPass, Dashlane, Kaspersky Password Manager.


All your passwords stored in Sticky Manager are encrypted with powerful encryption algorithms, including military-grade AES encryption.The automatic login and form filling protects your passwords or any other important information from keyloggers. The security feature allows you to autolock your sticky password to prevent unauthorize access to your account when you are not using your desktop/PC or any other device.You can set it to 1 min/ 2min/ 3min/ 5min/ 15min/ 30min/ 60min inactivity.

Sticky Password supports Windows, iPads, Android devices, iPhones and also the Mac systems.

Sticky Password Free & Premium Version

Sticky Password is currently available in 2 versions. Free version & a Premium version.

Here are some of the features which both Free Version & Paid Version provide to the customer.

  • Password Manager  
  • Autofill         
  • Form Filling         
  • Biometrics         
  • Super Secured Data  
  • All Platforms

Here are some of the additional features provided by Sticky Password Premium Version

  • Cloud Sync Across Devices  
  • Cloud Backup         
  • Local Wi-Fi Sync Across Devices   
  • Priority Support         
  • Saving Endangered Manatees

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