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Have you bought a new hard disk or SSD to your system? Are you looking for the best disk partition management tool that allows you to perform several partition related activities like creating partitions, deleting, merging etc?

Are you facing low disk space problem with your system partition(c drive)? Then your search ends here with partition manager free which is the Free Disk Partition Manager Software from EaseUS.

The increasing storage capacity along with the latest technology, calls for the requirement of partitions and manage your files accordingly. That doesn’t leave out the old hard disks because disk management is a general concept which exists since the inception of hard disks but got popular in no time with the advancements in the storage capacity. If you don’t use the proper disk management software, you risk the data and the files stored in the hard disk.

EaseUS Partition Master Free Review

Partition Master Free is one of the best Disk Partition softwares that allows you to perform several activities like create partition, extend C drive (system partition), Merge, Move, Resize dynamic volume, Extend/shrink FAT/NTFS,Partition Recovery etc. on both 32 bit and 64 bit machines.

EaseUS Partition Master_001

When you start the Partition Master Free, you will get the main interface with controls to all the relevant operations. The extreme left side panel showcases all the basic disk operations which can also be accessed by clicking the Partitions from the Menu panel.The below screenshot helps you to understand them.

EaseUS Partition Master_002

The Wizard option (from the Menu panel) provides you the option to Clone disk wizard (extremely helpful option if you have plans to replace your old HDD with a new HDD), Copy partition wizard(copy single partition to an unallocated space), Copy dynamic volume(copy dynamic volume to unallocated space), Migrate OS to SSD/HDD wizard & Partition recovery wizard.

EaseUS Partition Master_004

The set password option present in the General option helps you to protect your hard disk, partitions, application and data from unauthorized access.

The paid edition allows you to create a WinPE bootable disk within no time.

The latest Windows 10 built-in Disk Management has the ability to shrink volume and extend volume. But again, if you don’t have unallocated space next to the partition you want to extend, then you may not be able to perform the operation and the reason is disk management windows 10 doesn’t provide advanced disk management feature and that’s where EaseUS Partition Master excels thereby solving your problem.

Supported Formats

Supported File Systems: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and EXT2/EXT3
Supported OS: Windows 10/7/8/vista/XP and Windows Server 2003/2008/2012
Supported HDDs : SATA, IDE, USB removable hard disk, SCSI and Firewire hard disk (USB Flash Drive, Memory Card are also supported)

Why do you need to use Partition Master Free ?

Here are some of the reasons which explain you the need to use partition master free software.

  1. It allows you to perform all the basic & advanced operations related to partitions.
  2. The User Interface is very simple to understand with well organized fields & controls and is easy to work on.
  3. In order to make full use of hard disk space, it allows you to convert MBR disk to GPT disk and vice versa with any data loss.
  4. It supports 8TB (16TB in commercial edition) hard disk.
  5. It is compatible with Windows 10, which makes you feel more comfortable with the latest technology.

Tutorial Repository

EaseUS Partition Master provides online help guide with a wide range of topics. In case if you have never used any disk partition software earlier then you need not worry. They have several excellent articles or resource guides with relevant screenshots to make things more easier to understand and perform.


How To Download EaseUS Partition Master Free

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