Remove Facebook Messenger from Firefox

Mozilla in their latest version ( Firefox 17) , implemented a new feature called “Facebook Messenger” which facilitates Facebook users to chat with their friends  directly from the browser. Even though you close and logout the Facebook this chat window still remains in the browser occupying  unnecessary space in my browser . Somehow we didn’t like the feature and moreover we didn’t expect it to occupy our browser space even after closing Facebook. We got irritated  that there might be some plugin which got installed by default and all our attempts  failed to close the chat window.

Hmm.. thanks to google as it instantly offered us the solution and we were a bit laughing as how could we miss this small icon from our vision 🙂

So, for people who didn’t like the messenger, here is the 2 step process to get it removed /closed.

Step 1   :  Click on the Facebook Book  icon present on the right side top of the browser. In the below screenshot it is just above the Bookmarks word/adjacent to the Google search bar.

Remove Facebook Messenger from Firefox

Step 2  :  Deselect “Show sidebar” . Done 🙂

Remove Facebook Messenger

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