Google Video & iGoogle to go OFFLINE permanently

Google,the giant internet search engine has announced that they take iGoogle, Google Videos along with few other services for permanent offline which means that these service would no longer be  made available to the users. According to The Los Angeles Times, the list of the services which Google is winding down are Google Mini, the Symbian Search App, Google Talk Chatback,iGoogle and Google Video.

The reason for this decision was made clearly on the lines of taking off the areas which were not compatible with the present trend and the technology is getting outdated.

iGoogle was launched in 2005, with an idea to let the real time information be made available at the fingertips but with the latest apps that run on chrome & android  platforms the need for iGoogle has eroded over time which is the reason to take it off completely.


Just not to worry, Users will have 16 months to adjust or export their data before November 1, 2013 which is the retire date  of iGoogle.

For Google Video, which stopped taking uploads in May 2009, its remaining hosted content will be moved to YouTube as private videos and users need to delete or download the content before Aug 20.

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