Free Bundle for Web Professionals

We have come across an excellent bundle from “ByPeople” which could be very helpful for the professionals especially in the web design field. The bundle contains Menus, Patterns, Search Boxes, Templates, Credit Card Icons, Fonts, Icons, Shadows, Logo Templates, Banner Templates, PSD Themes, Toolbars, Characters, Business Cards, Divisors, Shines, Social Icons, Badges, Buttons, Application Icons, Boxes, Sliders, Ribbons, Pixel Patters, Backgrounds.


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What does the Bundle Contain ?

  • 100 Menus – All the menus you could ever need in one place.
  • 100 Seamless Patterns – Ready to use patterns to style up your designs.
  • 100 Searchs – The coolest search boxes are one click away.
  • 20 CV Templates – Fancy up your CV with these inspiring templates.
  • 100 Characters – Have fun with these fully editable vector character sets.
  • 100 Pixel Perfect Icons – An amazing collection of icons ready to be used.
  • Credit Card Icons – Pixel perfect icons for your next e-commerce project.
  • Trendy Fonts – Pimp your designs with these amazing typographies.
  • 100 Shadows – Flesh out your design with fine crafted shadows.
  • 100 User Icons – It’s time to revamp your profiles and web apps to the next level.
  • 202 Logo Templates – Sharp vector logos ready to make branding easy for you.
  • 20 Banners Templates – Banner template packs with all standard sizes.
  • 20 PSD Themes – Awesome themes in PSD ready to boost up your creativity.
  • 40 ToolBars – Enhance the look of your site with these sleek toolbars.
  • 50 Business Cards – Impressive business cards to make your name stand out.
  • 50 Divisors – These beautiful divisors will edge up your designs.
  • 50 Shines – Make your colors more alive with the proper shine.
  • 50 Social Icons – Fancy up your connections with custom social icons.
  • 60 Badges – Awesome badges ready to be placed anywhere.
  • 70 Buttons – Eye-catching buttons to spice up your websites.
  • 750 Applications Icons – High-quality icons in several sizes ready to use.
  • 80 Boxes – Freshen up your designs with these cool boxes.
  • 80 Sliders – Get a beautiful display with these fancy sliders.
  • 90 Ribbons – Beautiful ribbons to be placed where you want.
  • Pixel Patterns – With only a few pixels you can revamp your design.
  • 100 Backgrounds – Give life to your screen with these amazing backgrounds.

How to Download this Free Bundle for Web Professionals ?

Step 1 : Click Here to navigate to the Website

Step 2 : Enter your email ID & click on big  button called “Download

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