[Black Friday 70% Huge Discount] CyberGhost VPN Review – Does It Really Work Effectively ?

This article provides an exclusive CyberGhost VPN review which lets you decide whether CyberGhost is really the right choice for your requirement.If you are very new to the VPN, let me just provide you an overview of the VPN and what are its uses.

VPN Introduction

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a group of systems present in a network which allows you to connect to remove computers and then go online. It helps you to protect your identity whenever you go online and data is encrypted. It also masks your system from making it extremely difficult to get traced as all your actions go through a middle system.

Cyberghost VPN Review

VPN Advantages

  • Changing your IP address
  • Hiding your IP address i.e Online Anonymity
  • Online Privacy & Security
  • Encrypted Data
  • Bypass several security limitations

Cyberghost VPN Introduction

Cyberghost VPN provides one of the best VPN service and till date 7.5 Million people have used it on their computers and other devices. It protects and secures your Wifi connection. In order to secure your browser connection and data Cyberghost makes use of 256 bits military-grade encryption. In some countries Netflix, Hulu facebook are blocked which is where Cyberghost comes to rescue out and provides you access to them.

Why Cyberghost Is Best VPN ?

  • Cyberghost can detect if there is any IPV6 leak and can close it off.
  • Cyberghost shares 1 IP with 40 people to make more stronger anonymous impact.
  • It supports 4 different protocols likeĀ  OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP and PPTP.
  • Strong firewalls which are hosted on their servers.

New Features in Cyberghost Latest Version

This is one more reason why you need to prefer Cyberghost VPN. They always provide you timely updates with the latest changes to ensure that you get excellent online experience protecting your data. The latest features allow

  • Adblocker to get rid of ads that keep bothering you
  • Protect your system against dangerous malwares
  • Prevents you from accessing dangerous website that can harm your system
  • Provides data compression by reducing HTML, CSS, and Javascript content
  • Blocks online tracking attempts by Facebook, Google and other websites
  • Directs you to https version of the website, if available

How To Use Cyberghost ?

Once you install Cyberghost, it will show you the direct location of your system. It provides you various details like the number of users online, number of servers connected.

Free Download CyberGhost VPN Review_01

On the left side you can see the Simulated Countries which allows you to select servers present on different countries. Automatic option allows the software to select any server at random from their displayed list. If you don’t want automatic option and want to select a server in Switzerland, you just need to click it.

Free Download CyberGhost VPN Review_02

On the right side you can see the option Simulated IP address which allows you to select the required IP from their displayed list. If you select Automatic option any IP address can be selected at random. Once you select your server, click on OK.

Free Download CyberGhost VPN Review_03

The final step it to click the big round button to connect to your VPN network. Done.

Finally my system is connected to VPN network.

Free Download CyberGhost VPN Review_05

If I check on Google, the screenshot shows you the changed language as I’m connected through Cyberghost VPN.

Free Download CyberGhost VPN Review_06The website whatismyipaddress.com also shows the IP address which I have used to connect to VPN on Cyberghost.

Free Download CyberGhost VPN Review_07

Cyberghost VPN works perfectly and is very fast.The reason why I stress on this point because few VPNs slow your downloads and access to various websites.Cyberghost excels in that area by providing faster download speeds without any restrictions.

How To Download FREE Cyberghost VPN ?

What Are The Benefits of CyberGhost Premium versions ?

Currently there 3 plans on Cyberghost

1) Free Plan
2) Premium Plan
3) Premium Plus Plan

Free Plan is available for Windows, Mac and Android.

The Premium Plan provides you 5 times faster speed when compared to the Free Plan and is free from ads.
It also provides you access to more than 500 servers and 29 countries.

The Premium Plus Plan provides you all the features offered by Premium Plan and simultaneous usage on up to 5 devices.

Black Friday 70% OFF Huge Discount

Cyberghost Premium Version originally costs $69.99USD but currently due to black friday they have offered huge 70% discount which makes the price come to $21USD only.

This is time limited giveaway and will not last long. So, hurry up before it gets too late which otherwise you need to buy it for $69.99USD.

CyberGhost Huge DiscountSo, What are you waiting for ?
Download CyberGhost VPN now and protect your online activity accessing all the blocked websites.

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