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About SparkInDark

In the current situation, technology unfolds every mystery that the future withholds. And to keep up with the rapid changes and contributions of technology, it is important that we understand how it works, which will only make our life comfortable.  Learning how to use the million software applications freely available on net, will only make your day to day tasks easy and reduce the extra labor work. Millions of software and zillions of articles about them, available on the internet. But what use are those of, if we don’t know where to find what?

Internet is nothing but a huge college of information, a web, an interconnected network, a databank so infinite and so vast that it’s quite easy to get tangled and lose your way among those dark lanes. And all it requires, to find your correct path, is a small spark, a spark that we call, “SparkInDark.com – Light of knowledge”

SparkInDark.com is a technical blog that provides you with the latest technology buzz. There are tons of websites & blogs with useful content being created every day, but most of us are not aware of them. We bring them to you. Apart from that, we also update you on the latest softwares, provide step-by-step guides, help with the normal PC troubleshooting issues, blogging, webhosting and techno bytes.

About Phanindra

I’m a Computer Science Graduate from Hyderabad, India and currently working in a reputed Software Company.

PhanindraI browse a lot,exploring my own ways to learn things.I wanted to share all my stuff and that’s when I had an idea to start my own blog for which I booked my domain www.sparkindark.com in 2009.

But, I still wanted to get strong in my area and I continued my learning by exploring things and implementing them on my own.I’m inspired by my friends Avinash (www.techyard.net) and Amit Bhawani (www.amitbhawani.com) in the blogging world as I know them personally.

I’ve been through lot of stuff on Softwares,Wordpress,SEO,Tech Products,Money Making Online,Blogging,Affiliate Marketing during all this period and I wanted to share my knowledge.

Finally I’ve comeup with my blog www.sparkindark.com using which I love to share my knowledge making me more stronger in my area.

I’m ready to assist you in starting your own blog/website/online business/marketing/SEO at a very nominal cost setup.

You can reach me